Winter is over and what better time to walk the streets then Spring Time in NY. Rockefeller Plaza ice skating rink is gone so you can eat outside on the plaza. The streets fairs are starting up so go shopping at one of them and eat some great food. All the wonderful city fountains are open and great picture taking at them is worthwhile. Take a ride in a horse and carriage in Central Park. The trees are blooming and the flowers are all over the city parks and plazas. So now you don’t just see gray but color. This is also a great time to take a walking tour of some fantastic neighborhoods. Join one of our public tours or take a private tour catered for you and see NYC your way.

Some places to see and walk that are not to overcrowded yet are the Highline, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Brooklyn Heights and Promenade, Washington Square Park and so much more. This is also the perfect season for a food tour. We can have tasting and eat in a park or street.

If it happens to rain one day no fret bring an umbrella and we can go “Singing in the Rain”. Don’t miss out on this special time of year when it’s not too cold or hot but just right.

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