The Rise and Fall of the NY Mafia Tour

Join us on our informative walking tour and learn about the beginnings of organized crime in America. Hear about the Black Hand or La Mano Nera extorting money from the new Italian immigrants and terror they caused in this very neighborhood. Learn about the first Italian Police Officer that helped bring them down. See where during prohibition a war between bootleggers broke out and people were killed just like in the wild west. Learn about the original “Godfather” and his demise that led to the beginning of the modern day mob. Visit what were social clubs and speakeasies that were run by the Wiseguys. Walk the streets where famous mob movies and TV shows were filmed. How did such a powerful organized crime syndicate disintegrate. Join us and you will find out.

The tour ends in Little Italy where you can feast on some fine Italian food and have a glass of wine. Some of these restaurants were where the Wiseguys ate and drank. Or just have some espresso and a cannoli.


Duration | 2 hours
Activity Level | Moderate

PRIVATE TOUR: $225 for a group of 1-10 people
Gratuities are greatly appreciated.
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