Private tours are a great option for seeing New York City your way. Private New York tours are catered to your interests, size of group,and ages of participants and goes at your pace. People think a private tour is cost prohibitive, but this is not true.If anything it is cost effective. Sometimes you don’t want ot join a public tour but want to be pampered and tretaed with your interests and your needs in mind. New York is large and can be overwhelming. . Why walk around with a tour book read a sentence and move on. With a private professional tour guide you will hear stories and see hidden places the tour books don’t take you to. The city will come alive and when you tell your friends where you have been it won’t just be”and we saw the Empire State Building”. You will have so much more to add to that. Metro NYC Tours specializes in private tours. We can offer you any type of vehicle to help get around or you can choose to use public transportation to get you everywhere. We can even meet you at one of the many New York hotels. At the end of the private tour the guide becomes part of your family. Hugs are shared by all after spending memorable time in the city.

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