Choose one of our pre set 4 hour tours or let us customize one for you. On all of our chauffeured deluxe vehicles a NYC licensed tour guide is with you the entire tour.

For availability and time and date call, email or contact us on the contact page to arrange this tour. Pricing varies by size of group and vehicle size. This tour can be extended for additional fees.*

Please take into consideration weather and traffic. This will determine if we can see everything mentioned in each tour.



New York City’s historic past is plagued by dark events and powerful criminals who took the law into their own hands. Experience the suspense and thrill of all things gang and mob related on this 4 hour vehicle tour of Manhattan. NYC was the perfect breeding ground for mobsters and gangsters. Learn about the history from the beginning of the Mafia to it’s demise. We will take you on an exciting adventure where the infamous “Goodfellas” hung out, got whacked, got made, lived and caused havoc in the streets of this great city. Visit famous places where classic movies got shot – not that kind of bang!


NYC HIGHLIGHT TOUR (can be customized)

Suggested route:
We will drive you through the streets of Manhattan as we pass by and stop at some of the most iconic sites NYC has to offer. We will go to the Apollo Theater in Harlem, Strawberry Fields and Central Park. Drive down Museum Mile and 5th Ave.. Washington Sq. Park, Flat Iron Building, Empire State Building and Times Sq. are also on the agenda. Explore Grand Central Terminal that was saved from demolition. We will visit Wall St and Battery Park with views of Statue of Liberty, which is at the tip of Manhattan. A stop at the 9/11 memorial is a must. Breathtaking views of Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge on the East River are also visited.



For this specific tour you need to get to Staten Island on your own accord by Ferry, which is free. Your Guide and driver will meet you at the ferry terminal in Staten Island and bring you back to the terminal at the end of the tour.

Join us on an exciting adventure as you are introduced to the best kept secrets that Staten Island holds. Learn why Staten Island is considered the Borough of Parks on this fun and exciting 4 hour vehicle tour. You will take a stroll through the picturesque grounds of Snug Harbor which was home to the Merchant Marines and today where deer run through the streets. The Eastern Shore Line of the Island was once used for exporting and importing Dry goods. Today it is occupied by Atlantic Salt which helps keep NYC Streets clean during the winter time. You will get to see one of the oldest neighborhoods, New Brighton, which has homes that date back 200 years. These homes were rumored to be connected to the Underground Railroad which helped transport slaves to freedom. We will pass by Staten Islands Yankee Stadium which is an affiliate to the NY Yankees. Visit the home of one of the earliest and most prolific female photographers and see some of her 800 photographs. Did you know goats run wild in NYC? On Fort Wadsworth an old military installation they can be seen running wild on the hilltops. We must not forget a breathtaking view of the Verrazano Bridge which was the longest suspension bridge in the world when completed in 1964. Bring your cameras for great photos of the harbor and Manhattan skyline.

*We cannot guarantee make and model of vehicle, depends on availability.

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