Hailing a NYC cab can be a challenge especially in some areas that are busy or it is rush hour. If this is one of your first trips to New York there are a few things to learn. First you will need to know which cabs are available for you to hail. Any cab that has it’s lights on in the middle lit up on the top of roof is available. If lights are out they are not available. We now have 2 color cabs in NYC one is the yellow cab for the borough of Manhattan and then there are the lime green ones for the outer boroughs. Both service all boroughs if you need a cab with a meter. How do you hail a cab is step over the curb hold you hand high so the cabbie sees you. Stay on the side of the street that is going in the direction you need to go. You can usually just name any of the famous New York attractions and the driver will take it from there. Times that are hard to catch a cab is between shifts from 4-5 p.m. and in the theatre district¬† when a show is over. Here is an inside secret: If you are near a hotel that has a doorman go inside and come out like you are a guest then let the the doorman hail you a cab. Happy cabbing!!!! A good app for cabs is ” uber ” you can order a cab for a specific time and place with this app. DO NOT — USE ANY KIND OF TAXI SERVICE THAT JUST PULLS UP IN A BLACK CAR UNLESS YOU NEGOTIATE A REASONABLE PRICE PRIOR TO GETTING IN.

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