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Run! Run! Run! I just can’t get enough for it. I love going for runs outside with my friends. When the weathers nice, the sunshine just calls my name. Over my time living in New York City, I’ve excercised all over the city at every chance I get. I compiled a list of my favorite spots so other fitness fans like me can enjoy them, too! Write on our Facebook wall and let us know what you think!


1. Central Park Reservoir- Obviously an amazing place to catch some fresh air. There is so much to see and so manu different paths to run! I never get bored here. Every time I go, I try to take a different path…I never know where I’ll end up. I would recommend visiting on your next trip to New York.

2. Prospect Park- One of the best spots in Brooklyn. The paths are super hilly, so it gives me a little bit of a challenge- perfect for a day when you really feel like pushing yourself! There are plenty of benches for when you need to cool down. My favorite part about this place is the amazing waterfalls.

3. Bryant Park- Sometimes I’m in the mood for yoga, which I usually do in Bryant Park. Most of the time, it’s crowded with people, but I find this enjoyable because it allows me to find my inner peace. If you’re the type of person who can block out noise and distraction, this is the spot for you. If you’re trying to learn how to do so, give this spot a try.

4. Staten Island Boardwalk- What a great place to run…the sights you see and the people watching you can do is limitless. Need I say more.

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