Since it’s completion in 1883 the Brooklyn Bridge has been an architectural and engineering feat and an inspiration for the human spirit. It’s grace and beauty span over the East River connecting the boroughs of Brooklyn (then known as Long Island) and Manhattan. We thank you John Roebling the architect and engineer of this structure for not listening to the experts of the time and pursuing your dream. He wasn’t afraid to face obstacles. He was killed in a tragic accident and the work of his dream was taken over by his son Washintgon. Due to bad fate Washington sufferd brain damage on the job and was immobile and bed ridden. His wife, Emily then oversaw the completion of the bridge with the direction of Washington.

The Bridge stands 5,989 feet in length and is held together with twisted steel cables.You can learn more at museums in NYC. Today there are breathtaking views of Brooklyn and Manhattan which can be seen as you walk, run or bike over the span of this bridge. We are now offering a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge which takes you into Brooklyn Heights. We walk the neighborhoods and end in Dumbo. Come join us on our 3 hour tour of this great bridge and learn more and see more then you ever could have imagined.

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