To get the best morning coffee in New York without waiting in line for 5 hours, check out New York City street vendors. On many street corners to help the rush hour workers get to work on time there are mobile coffee stands that serve really good coffee and a quick bite to eat. You do not have to stand on long lines to get that first cup of Joe in the morning. They are also extremely reasonably priced so it won’t break your budget. Why spend the money in Starbucks or in your New York hotel for a simple cup of coffee. You can also get some good food from the food carts around the city. The city monitors their cleanliness so feel safe. Just make sure that the prices are marked clearly on the stand so they don’t charge more then they should. Enjoy your morning coffee while looking for things to do in NYC or taking a walking tour of the sites of New York.

Metro New York City Tours offer a wide range of private walking tours and public walking tours daily.

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