With extensive research on Jewish Gangsters and the history of what was a Mensch (a person with integrity and honor) from a good Jewish home turn to a life of crime a powerful presentation has been created. During the course of guiding Gangster tours and Jewish Lower East Side tours Robin learned that many people share this same curiosity. Based on this she has created a Power Point presentation “From Mensch To Mobster” a look into the Jewish Gangster.
This presentation is being offered to organizations, temples, libraries, schools and other institutions or individuals. When attending one of her lectures one gains the insight into the underworld and culture that helped create the Jewish Mobster. Stories are shared of how Arnold Rothstien, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Monk Eastman and others climbed the ladder from impoverished slum neighborhoods to the glamour of Las Vegas.

This speaking engagement is also available in conjunction with a Jewish Lower East Side walking tour.

From Mensch To Mobster Presentation 1

From Mensch To Mobster Presentation

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